New cheese products using biomass fermentation to incorporate protein made from microflora

Good news for gut-centric foodies. A new line of cheese products by Bel Group and Superbrewed Food will be using biomass fermentation to incorporate post-biotic cultured protein.

What is biomass fermentation? According to the Good Food Institute, it “uses the high-protein content and rapid growth of microorganisms to efficiently make large armbands of protein-rich food.”

Bel Group, a popular cheese brand with such products as Babble and The Laughing Cow, is teaming up with Superbrewed Food to accelerate biomass fermentation. The collaboration is offering nutritional, environment and sensory advantages in its products.

The latest cheese products will be using Superbrewed Protein, which is a nutrient-rich protein ingredient made from microflora found in nature that convert to plant fibers. The protein contains all nine essential amino acids and is considered a “whole food” because it is minimally processed to retain its natural nutrition beyond protein.

The Superbrewed Protein will be shipping out in the first half of 2023. Bel Group plans to develop a number of cheeses with this protein.

“Pursuing our mission to offer healthy snacks for all, Bel innovates to support the changes in nutritional needs and meet the challenges of a sustainable diet for an ever-growing world population. We are very happy to enter this exclusive collaboration, which is testament to our pioneering role and acceleration on disruptive technologies,” says Caroline Sorlin, Bel Group’s chief venture office, in a statement.

Dr. Bryan Grace, Superbrewed Food CEO, adds: “We’re honored to partner with Bel Group to lead the industry in the application of highly scalable alternative proteins for cheese. Given the Bel global reach of their brands and inclusive ‘open collaboration’ model, they are ideal partners for Superbrewed.”

This comes as another Bel brand, GoGo squeeZ, announced it is offering two new products to support children’s brain and immune health. The company unveiled Happy BrainZ and Happy ImmuneZ to promote brain health and immune support.

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