GoGo squeeZ targets gut health in kids with new immune support snack

A popular snack company for kids is helping to make children’s guts more healthy. GoGo squeeZ has dropped new products to support immune health as well as brain health in youngsters.

The company is now offering Happy ImmuneZ squeeze pouches that can help boost children’s immune systems. They’re also announcing a Happy BrainZ pouch that targets brain health.

Parents might be wondering how this will help make their children healthier. Both Happy BrainZ and Happy ImmuneZ provides plant-based prebiotic fiber, which helps nourish the growth of good bacteria in a child’s gut. Happy BrainZ also consists of brain health-supporting nutrients like Omega-3s and iron.

“We were inspired to develop these new products after hearing from parents that brain health and immune health were the top areas of importance for their kids,” says Mark Anthony Edmonson, chief marketing officer at GoGo squeeZ, in a statement. “GoGo squeeZ knows parents are juggling incredible loads and we’re proud to be parents’ ally in nourishing the whole child via smart snacking to build strong futures.”

Happy ImmuneZ Pouch
Credit: GoGo squeeZⓇ Happy ImmuneZ Pouch

“As a pediatric dietician and mom, I know snacks can be challenging for parents who are trying to find convenient yet nutritious snacks their kids will love and feel good about offering,” says Marina Chaparro, founder of Nutrichicos, a bilingual children’s and family practice in Miami. “These new GoGo squeeZ snacks will delight kids with their great taste, and parents will be happy they’re providing important nutrients and benefits for their kids. I often tell parents to think of snacks as an opportunity to add nutrition that might be missed at mealtimes. Snacks can be a great way to complement meals and optimize kids’ nutrition, and these new products absolutely deliver on that.”

A child’s gut bacteria is key to keeping them healthy. The gut absorbs nutrients and is also home to a growing immune system.

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