New biotherapeutic protects gut microbiome from harmful effects of antibiotics

Definition of antibiotics

A team of scientists at Harvard University and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) collaborated to develop a live biotherapeutic product (eLBP) that, when given together with commonly used antibiotics, protects the gut microbiome from adverse disturbance. 

MIT scientists engineer bacterial strains that shield gut from effects of antibiotics

Definition of antibiotics

Antibiotics are helpful for treating bacterial infections, but their life-saving treatment effects come at the cost of ‘good’ gut microbes. To make matters worse, antibiotic treatment has increased the risk of being drug-resistant and developing inflammatory infections later on in life. To reduce the downside of antibiotics, researchers from MIT have devised bacterial strains that work to protect the gut. 

Your prescription drugs may have long-term harmful effects on gut microbes, study shows

Prescription drugs / gut microbes

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