GutNews brings the latest in gut health research to mass audiences. The stories we publish are digestible, summarized versions of research that are intended to stir debate: We do not agree nor disagree with any of the studies we post, rather, we encourage our readers to debate the veracity of the findings themselves.

All studies and surveys published on GutNews are vetted by our editors for proper and unbiased research methods. We are always transparent in who funded or is behind each article. Any research that has been retracted we will retract from our site with a correction. Should there be any content found inaccurate or erroneous, we will always issue corrections.

Launched in December 2021, GutNews.com has quickly jumped onto the daily news scene with coverage of high-interest studies for the general population. Each day we seek out recently-conducted research released by universities, peer-reviewed journals, or established companies, with sources vetted by our experienced editorial team.

Editor’s Note: GutNews.com is not affiliated nor supports any of the studies we post on this site. Our goal is to provide you with the latest results of professional studies and leave it to our readers to debate and explain their positions on these findings. There is no agenda here other than to find new data that will elicit a healthy dose of conversation for topics that speak to large segments of the population.

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